The boys at SRM Custom Marine pride themselves on delivering the ultimate custom built pleasure and survey craft made on the midwest coast.  They have given a lot of thought in their years of experience  building vessels that are designed and customised to individual requirements.  You will be delighted at the ride, stability, safety and special features that are incorporated in each boat that make our vessels second to none.

You will especially enjoy the boys 'No Bullsh*t' approach to selling and building the best possible product that suits your budget and lifestyle.  Call in anytime for a coldie and a chat about what you want and need
in your recreational fishing and boating lifestyle.
When designing the Blackfin range of boats, the boys put a lot of thought into getting the most stability possible in their vessels.  Primarily designed for fishing and pleasure they have achieved this aim by giving you a safer ride at sea by lowering the centre of gravity, reducing the rocking motion  while at rest.
It's fine entry at the bow and deep reverse chine gives the boats
excellent stability. Call in and arrange a test drive for yourself.